Pianists: P-Q-R-S

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Nhick Ramiro Pacis: composer and pianist from the Philippines. Sample
Pat Padley: relaxing. Sample
Sam PascoSample
Ken Pedersen: wonderful flow with warm, soothing qualities
Paul Petersky: Sample
Keith Phillips: Sample
Roberta Piket: hip and advanced jazz. Sample
Ng Aik Pin: gentle

Nathan Plowman. Sample
John Polito: bridging smooth jazz, classical and new age. 
Clara Ponty: luminosity and sensuality. Sample
Cory Reese: professional touch and feeling. Sample
Revival: well-thought melodies, mysterious minor keys and unusual tones. Sample 
Danilo Riccardi: many sound tracks. Sample

Esther Ritzmann
Julie Rivers: treasured Kansas artist. Sample
Robberecht: swing.. Sample

Yohara Robby. Sample
Alan Roubik: calm piano pieces. Sample
Alex Routledge:  between romantic period classical music and modern day jazz. Sample
Maria RussellSample
Kirk Saavedra
Jeff Sawyer. Sample
Dom F. Scab: Spanish synthesist. 
Jon Schmidt: mellowed with jazz and New Age. Sample
Jay Semerad: Sample
Setrakian: remarkable energy and dazzling technique. Sample
Kerri Sherwood: both traditional piano and the energy of something more contemporary. 
Jason Silver: sample
Steve Siu: sensual piano. Sample

George Skaroulis: sensitive piano touch and gentle spirit. Sample

Ben Solomon: a wide range of classical and contemporary music. Sample
Bradley Sowash: Sample
Lawrence Spiegel: Sample
Robin Spielberg: endearing. sample
Arturo StÓlteri
Misha V. Stefanuk: jazz.. Sample
Ira Stein: elegant pianism. Sample
Michael Straugh
Scott Strommen: energetic, upbeat and mellow. Sample
David J. Sutton: from quiet and peaceful to the bigger and more boisterous. Sample

Patrick Swanson

Philip Swanson: powerfull, melodic. Sample