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Vince Madison: touching and cinematic. Sample
Dan Mahoney: Sample
Maia: Sample
Kent Marcum: combines elements of new age, jazz, and pop. Sample
Greg Maroney: upbeat, contented, and very beautiful. Sample
Nathan Martinez: Sample
Keith Martinson: Sample
Matthew Mayer: fresh and original. Sample
Mbandi: contempary. Sample

Fred McKinnon
Jeffrey Michael: supple, graceful approach in a playful and sincere manner. Sample

David Morihiro. Sample
Kate Moody: emotional and deep. Sample
Mark Moore: Sample
David Mount: satisfying listening experience. Sample
Jon Mutchler: low-key, uncluttered, and distinctive in a thoughtful, soulful manner. 
Lior Navok: a real sense of identity and presence. Sample
Rada Neal: sensitive touch and surprisingly creative. Sample
David Nevue: elegant playing style. Sample

Russ Nixon - Juliet. warm and ambient. Sample
Jeannie Novak: Sample
Stan O'Daffer: new age with jazz, classical and prog rock. Sample

Marcos Oliva

Dustin O'halloran: classical. Sample
The O'Neill Brothers: Sample
Christopher O'Riley: indistinguishable, strictly solo. Sample
Yuko Ohigashi: Sample
Ophelia: high octane passionate jazz fusion music. Sample