Pianists: J-K-L

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Stephen Jacob: classical nineteenth century virtuoso flavor flowing with confidence and polish. Sample
Shannon Jannsen: delicate, swaying originals, light melodic variations. Sample
Gregg Jarrell: jazz and classical roots, but sound mostly improvised. Sample
Kenny Jaworski: Sample
Bradley Joesph: melodious, soothing and hardley offensive. Sample

Richard John: Soaring and transcendent, beautiful soft melodies. Sample
Dax Johnson: Sample
Michael Jones: lucid and lovely. Sample
Shirley Kaiser: transcendent, soulful. Sample
Peter Kater: many times nominated, playfully melodic, exploratory, and introspective. Sample
Seth Kaufman: creative, influences in jazz, rock, and minimalism. Sample
Solomon Keal: Sample
Brian Kelly: melodic and sparkling. Sample
Lindy Kerby

Marcus Loeber: original, also composer of more than 800 TV ads. Sample   
Kevin Kern:  gentle and delicate. Sample

Lucas Kirby
Ron Kornfeld: Sample
Rebecca Kragnes: warm, flowing, and melodic with directness and simplicity. Sample
Tim Kucij: charming. Sample
Gary Lamb: unique and timeless quality. Sample
Louis Landon: easy, melodic, warmly optimistic, accessible, yet complex enough to keep it interesting. Sample
David Lanz: top pianist and composer. Sample
Alain Lemay:  pure and unpretentious.  Sample
Dennis Leogrande: edgy that combines classical and smooth jazz Sample
Craig Linder: relaxing and engaging. Sample
Lorie Line: "the female Liberace". Sample
William Linton: gently in an impressionistic manner. Sample
Marcus Loeber: original. Sample
Vicki Logan: personally inspired melodies spiced with ambient space, pop and folk elements. Sample
Michael Loonan: classic pop with abundant lyrical and musical sophistication. Sample
Lawrence Lougheed: quieting mood with romantic overtones. Sample
Jen Lyn