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70's: Keith Jarret, The Koln Concert. Sample


80'sDavid Lanz, The Skyline Firedance Suite. Sample


90's: Simeon ten Holt: Canto Ostinato. Sample


The New world, comp. James Horner: An Apparition in the Fields, Of the Forest, Rolfe Proposes, A Dark Cloud is forever lifted

The Piano, comp.Michael Nyman: A Wild and Distance Shore, The Heart asks pleasure first and more

Living with Pompe disease, comp. J. Bakker. Music from Concert for Civilization / Concerto for the 21st Century by Johann Bakker 

Bagdad Cafe, comp. Darron Flagg: The Well Tempered Clavier

La Double Vie de Veronique: Les Marionettes

The Pianist: Many tracks, most Nocturnes

 Syriana: Syriana

The Corps Bride, comp. Danny Elfman: Victor's Piano Solo

Piano Solo

Soundtracks Peter Kater

Victor's Piano Solo form The Corpse Bride

Twenty-four pieces from classic films

Sailor Sesnhi Deaths-Moon Revenge (Piano Solo)

Forrest Gump 




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